What is Synerchii

Syner-chii is the combination of Synergy and Chi  

Synergy is the interaction of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Chi is the vital life force that makes up and binds together all things in the universe. Hence Synerchii. In today’s world our brains, our bodies and its organs are tasked to perform at a greater level than ever before and this trend for mankind will only continue in the future. At Synerchii we bring together the world’s best natural plant-based ingredients to promote true health, vitality and longevity at the cellular level for the advancement of human beings into the 21st century and beyond.  Every formula is researched and personally doctor formulated by Synerchii’s founder Dr. Capina. As a doctor of Chinese Medicine, and as a nutritionist, Dr. Laura Capina has treated thousands of patients in the last ten years.  With Nutritional testing, she began to see the trends as to what her patients were missing the most, as well as the reasons for these trends.

“Many of us are undernourished because our soils are so depleted of vital minerals and nutrients. Or, we are leading such hectic lifestyles, that we simply haven’t the time or energy to bring a healthy and balanced diet into our daily routines. A most basic nutrient that people are missing, besides clean water and minerals, is DHA, a structural component of our cell membranes supporting brain health Including memory, focus, concentration, etc…"

Every single person on this planet needs DHA. But, it’s especially crucial for vegans and vegetarians because of their limited seafood consumption in their diet; algae being the only vegan and richest source of DHA.

It is crucial that pregnant woman, nursing mothers and growing children consume DHA because it is a primary component necessary for healthy child brain growth and development.  Ample amounts of DHA in children's brains over time may help focus and concentration, reverse ADD and ADHD, and even Increase IQ.

The elderly is another group that also benefits from regular DHA consumption because brain function declines with age causing conditions like memory loss, difficult concentration, alzheimer’s and dementia. Therefore, it is very important to have DHA supplementation in ones diet.

After extensive research, Dr. Laura Capina created her initial Synerchii product line by combining DHA with other essential nutrients using the best absorption technology available with an easy to consume delicious taste. Her life's mission is to heal the world through the most powerful plant-based nutrients one body at a time.


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