Have you ever been excited about a new purchase of a supplement and then, been disappointed when you discover that it is not from nature but, from a lab? We at Synerchii hear you. It’s an unfortunate reality of the supplement industry that many of the supplements are made synthetically in a lab. We believe that whatever you consume, whether it goes on your skin or into your mouth should be from nature complete with its own Chi, “Life-Force.” We derive energy from that which has energy.  Many supplements made in labs do not posses life-force and instead are chemical compounds that can actually weaken the body by making it more toxic creating deficiencies.  We, at Synerchii, hold to a premier formulation standard of the highest quality and natural ingredients (free of man-made chemicals, additives, binders, and fillers).

A good portion of the public do not realize that 95% of all synthetic supplements have binders, fillers and flowing agents (like magnesium stearate) added.

We are synergizing science with the most potent and dynamic natural elements that exist on this planet to make us more robust and vibrant beings able to not only survive but thrive in the 21st Century and beyond.

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