My brain functions better and faster
Andrea on April 6, 2024
Taking your delicious supplement, the improvements are almost immediate! As I am learning a new language, remembering words is much easier and my brain functions better and faster every day. Not to mention that I get more satisfied when I eat...
Shannon on Feb 15, 2024
I noticed that it's helping my dry eyes, I'm sure it's helping other things too. But I noticed my vision is better too. I had laser vision correction like 17 years ago and my eyes still get really dry and are sensitive to fluorescence lights can get really red, it's been a lot better since I started taking it! Yay - Thank you!
When I don't take it, I can tell the difference
Eric on Feb 2, 2023
I've been using Synerchii for almost 2 years. I originally started taking it because I had some deficiencies in my heart screening. All my markers are much better now. I also noticed that the inflammation that I had in my shoulder and hip has also decreased substantially. I much prefer taking a natural product like this, than medical alterations like surgeries, etc. Just taking this and being able to feel much better and know when I don't take it, I can definitely tell the difference. I really appreciate it and really love it and will continue to keep on taking it!
Anita on Feb 3, 2023
I had 3 strokes. My memory is much better. I love this so much.
Emily on Jan 31, 2023
I've been taking Synerchii for 4 months now. I am absolutely obsessed with it. What caught my eye was the flavor, it doesn't taste like the old fishy gel vitamins that you get from Omegas. I've been trying to get pregnant for last 3 years, my uterine lining has been so thin and broken and doesn't form properly. This has completely helped, my last ultrasound 2 weeks ago showed that I have a perfectly healthy uterine lining and a healthy uterus and I am ovulating naturally. I just love this stuff and I am so happy.
Julia Vassina on Jul. 29, 2021
It is so delicious! I can't stop eating it! I put it in my morning matcha, in oatmeal, smoothies. And it's so good for you! My pains and tightness disappeared!
I love it!
D.Nicole on Apr 13, 2022
This product has been essential to my progress in recovering from long term antidepressant side effects. Before I started using Synerchii, I was anxiety-ridden and struggled with anhedonia. After I started using Synerchii, I noticed major improvements in mental clarity and mood. Even my coworkers, friends, and family have noticed a positive difference in me. I just feel like my brain is functioning properly like never before! Not only did I notice emotional and mental improvements but also physical. My neck pain is so much better since I started this product.
I've tried DHA+EPA from algae in pill form but it is nothing like this. This almond butter is an underrated game changer to the supplement industry. I put it on my toast, waffles, or pancakes- it's so delicious!
Shelly W. on Feb 03, 2019
I just started taking the new Synerchii Almond Butter - Omega 3 DHA + Delta Tocotrienols about 2 weeks ago. I have so much trust in these because Dr. Laura's products are premium supplements. This may sound silly but one thing I really love about taking these is you don't burp up a fish taste! Probably because they are not made from fish oil. I use and recommend Dr. Laura's products because they are amazing and effective!
Christina DeMichele on Dec 12, 2020
I am absolutely the biggest fan of this product based on the taste alone! I can"t even believe how good it taste. I HATE taking pills and so this is the FIRST time I am actually getting the vitamins I need, I am already on my third bottle. My son and my mom are taking it as well and they love it! I want more products! I am taking the tangerine one as well. I've never been this excited about vitamins in my life nor have I ever stuck to taking them. Can't recommend this enough! Trust me you won't regret it!
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